B.D. Guar Private Limited


Our Quality Assurance

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Laboratory is the soul of our plant.

Our quality control laboratory helps us to monitor the quality of raw materials and finished products. This unit facilitates us to check the quality of the products under various conditions and offer the products to our customers which are quality focused.

Physical & Chemical Analysis: Guar Gum is analysed for

Test Test Method Test Test Method
Colour TP/09 Acid insoluble residue TP/30
Viscosity TP/10/04 Fat content TP/18
Granulation(Mesh) TP/21 Ash content TP/12
Moisture, pH TP/1 and TP/29 Gum content TP/03
Protein TP/05 Heavy metals TP/13
Insolubles Ash TP/11 Filterability TP/20A